Forever In Our Hearts

A Families love never ends. Willow, Tristan, Caleb and Sarah we all love and miss you very much.

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Forever in Our Hearts

A Mother's Love

To be a mother is a great joy
to have little girls and little boys
you hold them closely to your heart
never thinking you'd ever part

 you hear their laughter from dawn till night
to you they are your inner light
the love around you is very bright
even when they scream and fight

 They make you funny little things
that you promise you'd always keep
to be their mom with undying love
as you watch over them as they sleep

 Then suddenly it is lonely and dark
you feel so sad from a broken heart
you try to see just what went wrong
and promise always to stay very strong

 you try to wake up from this dream
where oh where can my children be
I hear them calling to my heart
come and get me lets not part

 as the day turns into night
you promise never to give up the fight
I'll keep on looking till the day I die
you promise your children on a loving sigh

Written by Rose Cunningham
Beautiful Job Rose




Happy Easter to Willow, Tristan, Caleb and Sarah. I hope you all have a great day and the Easter Bunny is good to you. Know I am thinking about you and Miss you very much. Can't wait til we can spend an Easter together.






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